jueves, 18 de junio de 2020

Animals in danger

Some students of 3rd grade made some projects about animals in danger. You can see Xavi's project: the Bengal tiger.
Daniela's project: the panda bear and Olena's project too: the gorilla. We have to save the animals!

Fantastic stories

YAGA AND DINO, written by Nikita 4th grade primary Once upon a time, there was a scary and a wicked witch. Her name was Yaga. She was an ugly and hunched old woman, wielding magical powers. She had long and grey hair, green eyes, a large hooked nose and two fangs in front. She lived on the planet Saturn. From there, Yaga watched the Aurora Borealis and she listened to music but she was always angry and dissatisfied. The witch could not use her magic power because she lived alone on the planet and there was no one to hurt. And then she decided to move to the planet Earth. After morning to Earth, she met a dinosaur named Dino. The witch wanted to cast a spell on him but she thought she would talk to him first. After talking, she liked him and she decided to be friends with him. They were happy to meet as they learned a lot of new things and each found a friend. Yaga gave some headphones as a gift to him. .they became friends and began to communicate and lived together. Everyone talked about their life, what they do and what they had lost.

miércoles, 17 de junio de 2020

Fantastic stories

TWO NEW FRIENDS, written by Francesc, 4th grade primary Once upon a time, there was an old wizard. His name was Sifox, the Kind. He was an old man with a long grey beard, little eyes and a small nose. His favorite costume was a blue tunic with a big hat. He lived in a nice castle, very big and elegant with four towers and two pink flags. He was happy in his castle but he was a little bored because he lived alone. One very rainy day a dragon came into the castle by a window while the wizard was listening to music. The dragon was little, green and orange. His name was Ake. He was angry and sad because he hated the rain. Also, he was hungry. The kind wizard gave him food and left his headphones to listen to music. The little dragon became very happy and Sifox invited him to stay a few days in the castle. They became very friends and from that day Ake visits Sifox every weekend and they listen to music and dance together.

martes, 16 de junio de 2020

Fantastic stories

HARRY THE SUPERHERO, written by Tati, 4th grade primary Once upon a time, there was a superhero. His name was Harry Kalahan and he was very slim. He had green eyes and a misterious look. He had fair hair and a short beard. He lived in a city with many mountains in United States called Buenavista. He was sad because in a long time he didn´t have a mission. He met a dinosaur on the way home. He was crying because he was always alone in the mountains. There were no dinosaurs because they disappeared from all the Earth. Harry was a superhero so he decided to help him and he gave to the dinosaur, a bear toy that he bought for his son Peter.